Support for publishers

Date updated : 03/05/2013

Are you a foreign publisher ?

Publishing the translation of a French work in a foreign language

  •   Translation aids offered by the National Book Centre
    Covers up to 60% of translation costs
    Covers up to 100% of the cost of selling translation rights and image reproduction rights
  • Publishing aids offered by the French Institute
    Covers advances on the sale of royalties
  • Publishing aids offered by the cultural sections of French Embassies abroad
    Covers part of the cost of publishing translated works
    To learn more, contact the cultural section of the French Embassy in the country concerned (all details in the business directory)  

Enhance your professionalism

  • Orientation and training programmes hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Communication offered by the World Cultures Institute
    Training, courses and get-togethers in France on books, publishing and cultural policy

Are you a French publisher ?

Publish foreign-language works in French

  • Translation support offered by the National Book Centre
    Covers up to 60% of translation costs